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December 27, 2016
The popular-science edition ďAcademy Science in Karelia: People, Events, FactsĒ prepared by S. Khokhlov and Yu. Novikova (eds.-in-charge A. Titov and O. Bakhmet) was published in celebration of the 70th anniversary of KarRC RAS.
This book offers a recap of the 70-years long history of the first academy institution in Karelia Ė the Karelian-Finnish Research Facility of the USSR Academy of Sciences founded early in 1946 and then developing through a number of transformations into the Karelian Research Centre RAS. It is an annalistic report of the key events that preceded the foundation of KarRC RAS, accompanied its development and establishment of the major research areas. Changes in the organizationís human resources and facilities are also presented.

The book demonstrates the linkage of science to the regionís development and the life of regional academy science in the variable context of Russiaís economic-political systems from the mid-20th to the early 21st cc. The edition includes evidence of the development of scientific facilities, photographs of many scholars who have substantially contributed to Karelian science.

Thus, the reader will learn not only about important events in the history of KarRC RAS and its scientific institutes, but also about the work of individual scientists who have worked in Karelia in different years and left a major footprint on the path of academy science. This edition can be regarded as a reconstruction of the history of regional science and a description of the contribution of academy science institutions to the development of regions in the European North of Russia.